Product Code: BK-GR

For workplace or home, the ButtKicker Gamer easily attaches to most standard center post chairs. Feel the low end without making the room loud. Turn down or turn off your subwoofer and still feel all the bass you want. Experience powerful bass even while using headphones. Ideal for apartment or dormitory use.

Comes with BKA-130-C Power Amplifier.

BUTTKICKER GAMER Specifications:

Frequency Response:
11.5" L x 2.75" H x 3" W
10 - 250 Hz
2 ohms


Diameter Range:
1" to 1.375"


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Product Reviews:

From "iGames" magazine:
I wasn't’t sure what fate had in mind when I unpacked the Buttkicker and got it set up. I know that many of you think “buttkicker” and think of an older brother or cousin beating the tar out of you for no reason. No my friends, this is a device that enhances your overall “entertainment” experience by amplifying low frequency sounds and it connects to a chair.
International Flight-Sim Convention
The winner of this year's CES Innovation Award didn't go to some great computer device that makes computers quicker or quieter, or to anything with a lowercase I before it's name, but rather to a product that straps onto your chair, sends thumping vibrations through your seat. Buttkicker Gamer
When you're gaming at LAN parties or with a bunch of friends in a garage or basement, using your 5.1 stereo sound system when you're fragging them isn't an option. So, what are you going to do when you want that "bass feel", but you have to use headphones? The ButtKicker Gamer was designed with this purpose in mind, and we just happen to have one on our test bench to review today.
ButtKicker Promises to Shake your Money Maker
Home theater and gaming enthusiasts will both be pleased with this great new product from The Guitammer Company Inc: The ButtKicker Gamer. It ties inline with your sound system to finally allow you to "feel" the bass with similar technology used in professional movie theaters, and aims to make the PC gaming and multimedia experience that much better.